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How to Keep Your Money Safe And Making You Money Without Risky Investing

March 25, 2010

Okay,most people seem to think investing in the stock market will be their saving grace as far as their retirement goes.It’s a rigged game people. Can  you afford to put 5 to 10 thousand into stocks or funds you have no control over.Do you have an advantage others don’t? Not likely.Your best bet is to put your hard earned cash in these type of savings and investments–which are risk averse.You’ll  sleep better at night and beat the market.

High interest cash accounts
Certificates of Deposit–CDS
Treasury Bills or Bonds
Tax free cash accounts

I don’t care if your funds make 10 percent next year,chances are you’re taking a huge risk.Follow the herd and see what happens. Keep your CDS in short maturity dates of 3 months to a year.Most people cant afford to take chances. Don’t put your money in an IRA either.Why?

Just to save tax you’ll pay later? Lets say you have 10 thousand you can live without for the next year.Here  is what to do. Start 3 CDS of  2,500 each maturing at 3,6 and 12 month intervals. That way when one matures and pays interest another begins. That way you’re always making some money.
The last 2500 should be in either a tax free account or a high interest cash account.Keep your money savings and investing simple guys.

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