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How To Save Cash,See Opportunities Where Most Don’t And Make Money

Everyone is always looking for a way to save that cash you’ll need in the future. Like I keep saying to everyone we have our own financial realities and it may be tough for you save even a few bucks.

I understand that, believe me I do.

But if you don’t start saving even 5 bucks a week what are you going to do, run to the government to help you.? The best opportunities are not getting a check from “The Revenuers.”

What? you’re going to wait for that Rebate check from the government, or until you’re 65 when you get that Social Security Check? Come on guys.

The world does not you a living.

I’m not trying to be depressing guys.

There are even more opportunities out there than you think to make extra cash on the side,and take advantage of opportunity out there. What? you’re going to tell me I’m taking advantage of the little guy?

Hell No!!

What if you could start a small business making a few extra bucks, and then in a year or so be able to hire independent contractors and give them a job. There by helping people.

For most people I realize they just want to work a job, save a few bucks and have free time to devote to the family. That’s a noble thing. But what if you could take a skill or see an opportunity, and do it part time with your family, taking money you can afford to lose? 

Don’t do it if you can’t afford to lose it.

Or think about the things you have in your garage that have been sitting in your garage for years not being used. Could be a treadmill you never use, a saw you never use, or some funky art you bought that’s just collecting dirt. Sell em’ in a yard sale or on Craigslist.

Instantly, you’re in business.

Me personally, I saw an opportunity and started a small cleaning business. An old landlord I rented from needed a cleaner. So, I bought some cleaning supplies and was in business cleaning two houses. And it cost me less than 50 bucks.

I did that on the side while I worked still.

I then saw an opportunity cleaning cigarette butts, coffee cups, food wrappers and small debris from properties. Basically, a litter pickup service. I then got enough work doing litter pickup and hired a subcontractor and I collected a small royalty from their work, and I helped them make a few extra bucks.

As well, I am a writer in the music field and write promotional material, articles and get media for musicians.
Along with that I write for blues record labels and working on writing for Classic Rock Radio stations and doing advertising for music equipment companies who advertise in Guitar Player and Guitar World.

If you’re interested in being an advertising copywriter,why not learn to do it yourself instead of taking an

expensive course,or a college writing course. If you’re a creative sort—look at magazines online you’re

interested in. Maybe guitars,stock cars,financial etc. Read the ads and write new ads and put a twist on them.

Buy old magazines from the 70’s and 80’s and reword ads you find interesting. On the weekend I took old cigarette ads and reworded them. And I went and looked for ad agencies who write ads for these magazines.

Apply to them. All they can say is no. Big deal. Take a chance most won’t. Advertising writing pays well,and you can do it from home these days. Not like the 50’s,60’s and 70’s when you had to grind away in an office downtown

coming up with advertising copy. You can write articles,make websites and software right at home.

They keep saying the sky’s the limit. I beg to differ. There are no limits I say.

Its easier than you think to start a business without using money you can’t afford to lose. And yes, even save a few bucks.

if you’re looking for some ideas on starting a business or making a few bucks just email me, or go to a blog I read weekly and learn from. Jason Moffatt is an honest,hardworking internet marketer who’s been in the trenches like you and me without a dime,but learned how to make money online,and eventually started making a good living. He can show you how to make money selling products,services and being a go to guy or gal for marketing

and business knowledge.

On that site there is a free course on how to come up with a solid business idea or ideas.

With the advent of the internet its even easier to start a business almost for free. And save a few bucks.

PS: Here’s another saving money tip. Get rid of that credit card and don’t put your cash in mutual funds or any risky investments. Keep your cash safe in the bank or CD’s at most so you can sleep at night.

All my money I make is from my job and my business. And it all goes strictly into cash accounts.

Work a job, start a small business with money you can afford to lose. Save a few bucks and don’t depend on good old “Uncle Sam” to help you in your twilight years.

In my next article I will talk about putting cash into sub accounts which will pay for expenses and keep it away from a regular savings plan.

Much success to you. Email me here with any questions

How to Keep Your Money Safe And Making You Money Without Risky Investing

Okay,most people seem to think investing in the stock market will be their saving grace as far as their retirement goes.It’s a rigged game people. Can  you afford to put 5 to 10 thousand into stocks or funds you have no control over.Do you have an advantage others don’t? Not likely.Your best bet is to put your hard earned cash in these type of savings and investments–which are risk averse.You’ll  sleep better at night and beat the market.

High interest cash accounts
Certificates of Deposit–CDS
Treasury Bills or Bonds
Tax free cash accounts

I don’t care if your funds make 10 percent next year,chances are you’re taking a huge risk.Follow the herd and see what happens. Keep your CDS in short maturity dates of 3 months to a year.Most people cant afford to take chances. Don’t put your money in an IRA either.Why?

Just to save tax you’ll pay later? Lets say you have 10 thousand you can live without for the next year.Here  is what to do. Start 3 CDS of  2,500 each maturing at 3,6 and 12 month intervals. That way when one matures and pays interest another begins. That way you’re always making some money.
The last 2500 should be in either a tax free account or a high interest cash account.Keep your money savings and investing simple guys.

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